At the beginning, he had the word. The VOICE. And if we take advantage of the # Covid19 confinement, to take the time to discuss, Remember, Remember things, Listen to each other? How about we tell stories? “La Palabre” is the name we have chosen for this original content. Not that we want to debate on major social issues, which affects our community, or the African continent. But because we have a serious problem, indeed a worldwide beef. Its name is # Covid19, and the ancestors were asked to guide us because we are really overwhelmed. The wisdom we have received is to bring people together and tell stories. “A tale is the message of yesterday transmitted to tomorrow through today”, Amadou Hampâté Ba. What lessons can we learn from this unprecedented interplanetary crisis that we are currently experiencing? And if, the answer is in the tales? # Palabres2.0 is resistance through history, it is listening to the wisdom of the ancients. Every day a new tale, exclusively on Instagram, then on Youtube.
Yaqui Mpii
Author: Yaqui Mpii