What do you know about African spirituality? What do you know about African beliefs? Has Africa always been Christian and Muslim? What do you know about the animism so often mentioned by African peoples in colonial and postcolonial literature?

The Kraal Guide to African Spirituality, created by the collective the Kraal, is a simplified and unadorned approach to African spirituality. Organized in three main chapters (African philosophy, ritual on libation and the 9 constituents of being), this provides you with a base knowledge on the meaning of Ma’at, sacred geometry and more.

This digital e-book offers 70-pages of deep study on African traditions & spirituality. Through their aesthetically curated instagram platform, the Kraal maintains a digital space for historical reclamation and cultural connection followed by over 35,000 people.

For even deeper insight into African spirituality, The Kraal Guide to African Spirituality is available in English and French at thekraal.co/shop .

Basia Diagne
Author: Basia Diagne

A global nomad with roots in Senegal, Basia is a writer, yogi and translator based in Paris.