Enveloped with a global sense of uncertainty and unrest, 2020 was a year like no other.  While we placed this project along with many others on hold, we refused to give into a feeling of being powerless. For some time now, we have wanted to launch this collab to pay homage to the 21st century Paris and Parisians we know and love. Our collaboration highlights those neighborhoods that are forgotten in the international narrative of Paris and embraces the beauty of the term “Noire”. Our collab was made for everyone and is meant to be shared and embraced by anyone.

At the very core our collab is the belief that “History of France is also sewn with black thread” to quote Franco-Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou.


Our collab features 3 special edition T-shirts:

  • Château Rouge

  • Noire is the New Black

  • Ben Ouais (coming soon)



Little Africa is an Afro-French woman owned company based in Paris which serves as a resource to promote Black creatives and entrepreneurs to a global audience and assist travelers/corporates/individuals in their discovery of African culture. For the past six years, Little Africa has devoted itself to changing the narrative of what it means to be a person of African descent in the world’s most beloved city: Paris. One of its most successful endeavors is its City Guide books, a self-published compilation of over 200 Afro-Parisian boutiques, restaurants, businesses, and artists in the City of Light. 



The Californien is a creative platform to explore and share the beauty of the City of Light and collaborate with like-minded Parisian creatives and entrepreneurs who believe in true Californien spirit that “the possible is the new ce n’est pas possible.”
“When I first discovered Little Africa Paris, I immediately knew I had found my tribe and that a collaboration was in order. I proudly introduce The Little Africa x The Californien Collab. The first of what I hope to be many collaborations with those who believe “the possible is the new ce n’est pas possible.”

Launch: 05/04/21
Shop: www.boutique.littleafrica.fr
Instagram: @littleafricaparis @thecalifornien (share and tag us wearing the t-shirt or using our photo!)
Photos: ©️Yves Sani – ©️Milena Carranza
Contact presse:  hello@littleafrica.fr


Team Little Africa
Author: Team Little Africa

Little Africa est une agence culturelle qui aide les particuliers, les organismes à but non lucratif et les entreprises à se rapprocher du meilleur de la culture africaine à Paris (pour l'instant). A travers des éditions et un merchandising esthétiques et élégants, des événements artistiques et des expériences de voyage, Little Africa organise le meilleur de la culture africaine.